Providing Peace Of Mind
Providing Peace Of Mind
Providing Peace Of Mind

Relieving Stress From Sudden Elder Issues

Despite the preparation that a family may have completed over the years, life can create unexpected situations as a loved one ages. New challenges could jeopardize a senior’s finances or independence.

For many families, this kind of crisis could occur when an aging parent suffers a fall or receives a major diagnosis. Their sudden injury or illness might require immediate nursing home admittance, but the family does not know how to arrange or afford long-term care.

Early Law Firm is ready to step into the most difficult times of crisis to help families and elders navigate the new problems they face. Our Colleyville attorney can synchronize legal counsel with a local elder care coordinator to create a plan for crisis management and long-term care financing. We are also equipped to help you with other aspects of elder law, including fighting against elder abuse and nursing home negligence.

Affording Long-Term Health Care

The cost of medical care in Texas can be extremely high, especially if care will likely continue for the rest of a loved one’s life. News that an elder requires nursing home or assisted living care could place an enormous financial burden on their estate and their family.

Our lawyer can explain your options to make long-term care more affordable — regardless of the value of existing savings and property. We can speak with insurance providers and seek additional benefits on your behalf. Our attorney can help you tap into available Medicare or Medicaid benefits and determine whether your elder might qualify for other special programs that could ease the costs of care.

You may also work with us to make strategic estate planning decisions, which could further protect a loved one’s assets.

Receive Guidance From A Trusted Source

If you are facing a crisis, you may not know how to begin approaching the issue. At such a critical moment, it is important to follow advice that is informed by financial knowledge, legal skill and experience.

We have confronted a wide variety of elder law-related crises during the many years of our practice. We know how to help you. Call 817-500-5084 or describe your situation in an online message. Our firm offers free consultations so that you do not need to use vital resources before you know your options.