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A Veteran Texas Elder Law Attorney Looks After the Well-Being of Your Loved Ones

Helpingseniors with their legal needs

Your golden years afford you the opportunity to relax, spend time with your family
and focus on your personal interests. By handling your legal concerns, the Colleyville, Texas law office of Steven A. Early, P.C. can help you to enjoy this special time in your life. For more than 15 years years, we have helped seniors with their unique legal issues,

  • Wills and trusts
  • Tax issues
  • Social Security benefits
  • Medicare and Medicaid coverage
  • Nursing home and assisted-living care
  • In-home medical care


  • Powers of attorney
  • Medical directives and living wills
  • Nursing-home negligence
  • Elder abuse
  • Age discrimination

Lawyers dedicated to seniors’ healthcare issues

Your health and quality of life depend upon access to good medical care. We help you maneuver through the frustrating red tape of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies to ensure that you receive the medical care and medications you need. To address your concerns about your future medical care, we guide you through difficult end-of-life decisions, always respectful of the family, cultural, religious and philosophical reasons for your personal choices. We draft valid medical documents to make certain that your intentions will be honored if the time comes when you are no longer able to make these decisions for yourself.

Compassionate lawyers guiding seniors through estate planning

Often one of the most pressing concerns facing seniors is the care and security of their families upon their death. After attentively listening to your wishes, we carefully analyze your estate and advise you on how best to transfer your assets, minimize estate taxes, establish guardianship for minor children, support personal philanthropic causes and even protect your beloved pets. We draft a will that reflects your desires, and we establish living trusts and other legal entities that are beneficial to your estate.

Going the extra mile to protect seniors’ rights

Seniors are often the target of unscrupulous fraudsters and abusive caretakers. If you are the victim of a financial scam, nursing-home negligence or domestic violence, we can help. We first ensure that you are in a safe place, and we then pursue all available legal means to safeguard your well-being and dignity.

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