Providing Peace Of Mind
Providing Peace Of Mind
Providing Peace Of Mind

Trusted Elder Law Services

What will happen to your family and your assets if you need long-term care? The cost of assisted living and nursing home care can deplete your estate of resources in a very short time. Early planning can minimize the impact of long-term care on your estate and your family. The Early Law Firm assists clients and implements financial and health care strategies in advance to give you peace of mind knowing you and your family will receive the proper care without losing your life savings.

At Early Law Firm, we are committed to simplifying the complicated issues that often confront seniors and their loved ones. We draw upon the knowledge of elder care coordinators to ensure that seniors receive comfortable, attentive care as they age. Our elder law services can also benefit younger people with disabilities who may share similar medical, financial and legal needs.

How Should Seniors And Families Prepare?

Whether you have concerns for yourself or your aging parent, we can provide clear information about your options and proactively guide you toward beneficial results.

Protecting yourself or your loved ones may involve creating wills and trusts, communicating personal medical wishes and financially planning for the costs of health care or establishing trusts to protect your assets for you and your family. We help you determine which planning options are best for you.

We Address Elder Health Care With Compassion

Seniors deserve to be treated with the same level of dignity as they were in their younger years. As seniors enter this time in life, they will likely develop new medical needs. As a result, they and their family members may face new legal needs in addition.

Our lawyer passionately advocates for seniors throughout the various health care issues they may encounter in Texas, including:

  • Medicaid or Medicare coverage
  • Social Security benefits or disability aid
  • Managing issues with insurance companies
  • Creating a medical care directive or living will
  • Naming medical powers of attorney
  • Choosing a form of long-term health care, such as nursing home care or assisted living
  • Fighting against elder abuse

Although physical and mental changes typically increase with age, some problems may be completely unexpected. If you are facing a sudden disability or financial or health care-related crisis, we can explain your options and help you take careful steps to navigate the issue.

Contact Us For Elder Law Support

Regardless of your age or circumstances, it’s never too early to address elder law concerns and needs. We are available for a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Send us an email or call our Colleyville office at 817-500-5084 to start a conversation.