Providing Peace Of Mind
Providing Peace Of Mind
Providing Peace Of Mind

Guidance Through Probate And Estate Administration

Depending on the size and nature of an estate, probate is not always necessary. At the Early Law Firm, we will always pursue the least obtrusive available options when assisting with estate administration. The probate process can span months or years, depending on the nature of an estate, prior planning and other variables. During the process, executors must carefully complete each phase while upholding their fiduciary duty to carry out the terms of a decedent’s will and to preserve the decedent’s assets.

These responsibilities may be simplified with our attorney’s extensive estate administration knowledge. We have over 20 years of experience assisting executors in Colleyville and surrounding communities with the complicated task of probating wills, administering estate and ensuring the orderly disposition of estate assets.

Although probate may be preventable through the creation of trusts, this process does not necessarily place an estate in danger with the proper care.

What To Expect During Probate

Probating a will is an unknown, first-time experience for most executors. If you are in this position, we can advise you as the estate moves through all necessary steps, such as the following:

  1. The person named in the will to serve as executor files the last will and testament with the local probate court along with an application for probate
  2. After a probate hearing, the court issues a judgment either validating or invalidating the will
  3. The executor notifies the beneficiaries, the decedent’s creditors and the general public
  4. Assets, debts and properties are recorded and receive professional appraisals as necessary
  5. Debts of the estate are settled, including medical bills, funeral costs, property maintenance, loans, estate tax and probate expenses
  6. The resulting assets are distributed among beneficiaries according to the decedent’s will or Texas intestate law
  7. The executor notifies the court with a record of how debts and assets were addressed
  8. Beneficiaries, creditors and other parties may open a dispute against the actions of the executor or seek measures for contesting a will throughout probate and estate administration

Unique complexities may arise from this process. An executor may or may not have to liquidate property, defend against disputes or manage special assets. Due to the elaborate nature of probate, we highly recommend speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Request Assistance To Administer An Estate

Early Law Firm may reduce the stress of estate administration by communicating with all other parties and offering legal guidance through the process. We often consult financial professionals to produce customized plans for you and the estate’s beneficiaries.

Schedule your free estate administration consultation by calling our firm at 817-500-5084 or completing our online contact form. Before our meeting, please provide as many details as possible on our probate intake form so that we can make appropriate preparations.