Providing Peace Of Mind
Providing Peace Of Mind
Providing Peace Of Mind

Crafting Personalized Estate Plans

Comprehensive estate planning anticipates future life events and provides a means to manage your estate when you can longer do so. Proper planning reduces the burden on your family and affords them protection in the event of your death or disability. Early Law Firm helps clients in the Colleyville area and Northeast Tarrant County create plans that clearly communicate their wishes and safeguard assets for their surviving beneficiaries, whether a spouse, children, friends or charities.

Our firm fully customizes each plan and recommends the legal options that are most efficient for you. There is no cookie-cutter approach to effectively planning an estate. Each plan requires careful consideration of your specific family, assets and special circumstances. Based on your unique situation, we offer plans that minimize outside interference in your estate administration. That is why we take the time up front to learn about your specific concerns and asset protection goals before proposing an estate planning solution. We are committed to keeping plans simple and cost-effective, yet powerful for you and your beneficiaries.

Your plan could include a combination of several strategies that work together to address finances, property management, guardianship of dependents, estate tax obligations, business matters, charitable giving and long-term health care.

Modifying Your Estate Plan

Circumstances and preferences change throughout life. We understand that a plan that may have been right for you at one point may no longer suit your needs. Reviewing your estate plan is a crucial part of ensuring that your wishes and needs will be met in the future.

We recommend reviewing your existing estate plan if you:

  • Get married or divorced
  • Add a new child to the family
  • Suffer the loss of a beneficiary
  • Gain or lose significant assets
  • Decide to name new powers of attorney or a new trustee
  • Move to Texas from another state
  • Have not reviewed your estate plan in several years

As Texas and federal laws change through the years, reviewing your estate plan may also reveal unexpected issues regarding taxes, business succession or other aspects. Working with a lawyer to identify the effects of new laws and resolving any problems can keep your plan effective over time.

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation

Our firm aims to help you discover the most appropriate estate plan for your circumstances, so we highly recommend completing our questionnaire before our first meeting. To speak to our attorney about wills and trusts and all your options, call 817-500-5084 or send us a message through our website.